Good to Great by Jim Collins

"Everyone would like to be the best, but most organizations lack the discipline to figure out with egoless clarity what they can be the best at and the will to do whatever it takes to turn that potential into reality. They lack the discipline to rinse their cottage cheese." - Jim Collins

As the title of the book states, this book is composed of an overview of the framework of concepts required to develop a good company into a great company. The primary focus of this book circles around the concept of disciplinary people, thoughts, and actions. Then the steps are further broken down into 8 following steps:

1. Level 5 leadership

2. First Who...Then What

3. Confront the brutal facts (Yet Never Lose Faith)

4. The Hedgehog Concept (Simplicity within the Three Circles)

5. A Culture of Discipline

6. Technology Accelerators

7. The Flywheel and the Doom Loop

8. From Good to Great to Built to Last

The biggest takeaway from this book is: determine a passion where you can become the best in the world while taking the economic factor into consideration. After finding this passion, determine your core value. Stay disciplined. Do not stray away from your core value. Finally, do whatever it takes to achieve your ultimate goal.

I bought this book from a thrift store that I randomly walked into a couple of months ago (before the lockdown). I've been meaning to read it, but I never got around. There is always an abundance of books to read, but not enough time.

I haven't read his previous book Built to Last yet, but it is now on my TBR list. And for those who read his previous book, Built to Last, consider this book more of a prequel.

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